Versatech Systems is a Victoria based technology company licensed by the Solicitor General’s office of BC to install and service all forms of electronic security. We provide commercial security solutions for the South Island’s business community, developers and public agencies. Our primary focus is on high definition IP video, access control and intrusion alarms, though we also offer a range of environmental alarms, intercom systems and other forms of electronic security. Below you will find a very brief overview of the systems we can provide. For more information please click one of the menu items on the right.

Security Video
Axis M5014 with hand 150x150Versatech provides high defintion security video systems for commercial, industrial, government, retail, parking, multi-tenant residential and other applications where high quality video surveillance is required. Our staff are experienced in all aspects of video security including loss prevention, outdoor protection, remote access, video command centres, thermal detection, and covert surveillance.


Access Control

shutterstock_150958397_access_control_150x150We are access control experts. We have installed access control systems in all types of government facilities, universities and colleges, mixed use commercial facilities, multi-tenant residential developments, low income and supportive housing units and much more. Our flagship “Entrapass” platform from Kantech provides total integration of access control, alarm and video functions with a cost-effective line of hardware and software products.


Alarm Systems
Powerseries Touchscreen_NEW-Ready-to-Arm_CWe design, install, and service a full range of commercial and residential alarm systems from basic protection for small shops to large multi-partition high security applications. Our staff have decades of experience installing intrusion alarms, panic buttons, environmental sensors, and server room protection systems (water, high temp, flood, etc). We can provide the latest security technology including touchscreen keypads, cellular communicators and smartphone apps for remote control and monitoring. We can also offer traditional monitoring services at competitive prices with NO LONG TERM CONTRACT required.


Intercom and Visitor Entry Systems
Aiphone_JO_master_station_150x112Versatech installs audio and video intercoms in homes, businesses and multi-tenant residential developments. From simple one door audio only intercoms, to multi-site network based audio and video applications, Versatech has solutions for your communication needs. We also provide visitor entry systems (often referred to as “Enterphones”) for multi-tenant commercial and residential buildings. Our systems are perfect for offices that receive after hours visitors or condominiums where guests need to be remotely “buzzed-in” at entry doors or parking gates.


Web and Apps
Shutterstock_158861324_Business People_Holding_Smartphones_150x150Versatech provides smartphone apps for every system we sell; video, access control, alarm systems, intercom and more. We can make sure you stay connected and in control of your property no matter where your day takes you, from the grocery store to a tropical beach half-way around the world. Reliable, easy to use, inexpensive technology is here and Versatech has the expertise to deliver it right to your phone.


Network Infrastructure
Shutterstock_124714339_networl switch_150x150There are times when it makes sense to install IP security devices right on your existing network, but more often than not (especially when it comes to video) we can design and install a dedicated security network that is more reliable, more secure and less expensive than utilizing your existing network infrastructure. Our range of network infrastructure solutions includes Cat5e and Cat6 UTP cabling, fiber optic backbones, standard and long range outdoor wireless communications, equipment racking, switches, routers, VPN solutions and POE power devices. For very large or complex jobs we can bring in our advanced solutions team including infrastructure cabling by Belltech Electric and network design and support services by Blackman Support Services or Think Communications.