Size Doesn’t Matter to Us

Some companies like to brag about how big they are. How many countries they have offices in, how many companies they’ve absorbed, and how many millions of customers they have. But how does that benefit you? If they have a monitoring station in Toronto, a service dispatch centre in Colorado and a billing department in Florida it isn’t designed to make your life better. They probably don’t even know who you are.

We’re a small, locally owned business and proud of it. We enjoy building one on one relationships with our clients and learning about their needs. We believe that you benefit from dealing directly with our owners and you’ll never hear excuses from us like “that’s not my department” or “I’d love to help you but my head office doesn’t allow that”.

While we’re small enough to know you by name (and not just as an account number) we also have the experience, staff and partners to handle projects of all sizes. We’ve built systems with hundreds of card readers, cameras and detection devices connected over multiple sites. Our clients include institutions with high security needs such as the Ministry of Finance, Government House and the BC Legislative buildings.

We thrive on designing projects with complex integrated security requirements such as multi-tenant residential buildings and commercial multi-user developments.We’ve built relationships with companies in related fields including locksmiths, hardware suppliers, IT experts, electrical contractors, communications providers and consultants to provide you with access to a team of professionals to assure that we can meet your needs no matter what the size of the project.

 We also love to work with small, locally owned businesses because we’re just like you. We understand that you’re budget may be limited and your needs may be simple. We’ll always try to help you spend your hard earned dollars carefully while making sure the systems we provide can grow as your business grows. Whether it’s an alarm system for a small retail store, access control for your storeroom door, or a single camera at your front door, we have affordable scalable solutions that are just right for you.