Security Video

Versatech provides advanced security video systems for commercial, industrial, government, retail, parking, multi-tenant residential or any application where high quality video surveillance is required. Our staff have experience in all aspects of video security including loss prevention, outdoor protection, remote access, video walls and command centers, thermal detection, and covert surveillance. We are factory trained and certified to install high definition IP video systems from the world’s top manufacturers including cameras from Axis Communications and video management software by Exacqvision.

Here are a few examples of what our video systems can do for you;

  • Detection and prevention of shoplifting in retail stores
  • Identifying persons involved in vandalism and theft in lobbies, storage lockers and parking areas of multi-tenant residential buildings
  • Construction site cameras and remote location monitoring
  • Employee theft prevention at tills, in storerooms, cash rooms, etc.
  • Video verification for intrusion alarms in homes and businesses (remote video viewing over smartphones and tablets).
  • Outdoor perimeter protection using high definition, pan-tilt-zoom, and thermal cameras
  • Parking lot and parkade surveillance for crime prevention and prosecution
  • Protection of building exteriors and property from vandalism and illegal use
  • Remote viewing of interview rooms for protection of employees
  • Remote viewing of entry doors to screen legitimate vs unwanted visitors
  • Fixed and portable guard surveillance stations. Allows guards to continue to view surveillance cameras while doing “rounds”.
  • Remote viewing of objects and processes including pets, wildlife, swimming pools, LAN rooms, automated processes, gauges and status indicators, etc.
  • False lawsuit protection (“slip and falls” and other false injury claims)
  • Procedure compliance (cleaning, safety compliance)
  • Quality assurance -client remote web viewing for daycares, pet care, construction, etc.
  • Remote viewing of “lone workers” for WCB compliance

The list of security and logistical problems that can be solved using IP video cameras is nearly endless and only limited by your needs and imagination.

High definition images means unsurpassed video quality
Versatech exclusively provides high definition IP video systems. IP video is the next generation of security surveillance which has replaced traditional “CCTV” (Closed Circuit Television) systems. Most of us have seen the images provided by CCTV systems throughout our lives (think of those blurry pictures of convenience store hold-ups featured on countless newscasts). CCTV used “analog” video cameras to transmit signals down a coaxial cable to a video monitor or recorder. High definition IP cameras are “digital” just like your digital camera, and the video footage they create is stored and transmitted using the same type of technology as the Blu-Ray player in your home theatre, or your PC when streaming video over the internet.

Versatech Analog vs Hi-Def Detail Comparison, 960x358 for Systems_Video_Analog-vs-Hi-Def Page

Some of our competitors continue to sell analog systems. We feel that providing an analog camera system to a customer in this day and age would be like selling them a tube TV and a VCR for their new home theatre. For more information on the differences between analog and high definition cameras click here.

Superior image quality isn’t the only advantage provided by modern video technology. They are called “IP” cameras (sometimes called “network” cameras) because they send their video over standard computer networks like the one in your business or the internet. This has huge advantages over analog systems as to how we can access the cameras for live viewing and how we can store the video for future viewing and evidence gathering.

You can view live or recorded video from an IP camera from anywhere in the world using a PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet or any device with an internet connection. Multiple people can view the same camera simultaneously. You can embed the video stream from your camera into your website allowing clients easy access to the video. You can capture video clips or still images from recordings and easily distribute them by e-mail, on DVD, or USB drives to provide evidence to police. Best of all you can use one camera for multiple purposes…we’ve installed cameras at construction sites that provide a live feed on the developer’s website for client’s to see construction progress, allow the site superintendent remote viewing while off site, and capture images at night of theft or vandalism.

But there’s more to designing a successful video system than having the latest technology. We’ll consult with you to gain an understanding of your needs before recommending any product or system. We’ll determine whether each camera is primarily to be used for detection, recognition or identification. We’ll consider issues such as optimal field of view, lighting conditions, vandal resistance, and covert versus deterrent value and we’ll respect your budget limitations to design a system that provides the security and return on investment that you require. We’ll even shoot test images from each camera location you’re considering and include them in our quotation. We suggest you request the same from our competitors so that you can obtain a truly apples to apples comparison and know exactly what you’re getting before laying a penny down.

We believe that our wealth of experience in security, our knowledge of network and video technology and our dedication to customer service makes us the best choice for your next video security project. Talk to our competitors, then talk to our team and you’ll see the difference that experience makes.