At Versatech we take a very cautious approach to the selection of our major product lines. We assess products in four key areas; Reliability, Value, Design and Longevity.

When considering a new product we start by undertaking a series of discussions with the manufacturer, distributor, and users of the product. We insist that the manufacturer has a proven track record of providing high quality products and standing behind them. They need to convince us that that the product will be fully supported for at least 10 years before we recommend it to our clients. The majority of our products are manufactured in North America and Europe, simply because the reliability and long term support for these products is typically far better.

Reliability is absolutely the most important factor for any security product. The product partners we choose don’t feel that they always have to be the first, they just have to be the best. Rushing new technology into the market too often results in products that look very impressive on a spec sheet, but fail to perform as expected in the real world. Our product partners have strict quality control standards and in addition we bench test every new release in our own office and at selected test sites before recommending them to our clients. Great features and design are very important, but when it comes to security it is imperative that your system run reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… year after year. Like a good vehicle you want a security system that rarely requires servicing, and when service is required the costs are reasonable.

We look for products that will provide our clients with excellent value for money. To take the car analogy a step further we focus on the Toyotas rather than the Yugos or Ferraris. When things are very cheap there is always a reason and in the end you will inevitably pay the price, often over and over again. There are also very expensive products designed for specialized needs, but very few clients require the extra bells and whistles they come with so the substantial additional costs are rarely justified.

Great product design isn’t achieved with a laundry list of features that fit nicely on a product brochure, or a set of specifications that appear to make a product look bigger, better and faster than the competition. It’s about the way the product interacts with the user and the environment in real world, day-to-day situations. For example, a camera can claim to have twice the “resolution” of a competitor, but if the lens and processor create blurry, poorly compressed images you’ll just end up with twice the number of bytes on your hard drive and no improvement in picture quality. User interfaces are another key element to great design. With so many functions now available in security products it is essential that the most commonly used features are front and center and that software is designed to be intuitive, especially for users with little background in technology. The products we recommend are not chosen because of the number of bullet points in a brochure. They are chosen based on their  ability to excel at their primary function and elicit positive feedback from end users that work with them day in and day out.

A security system is an investment in your property and people, and we believe the investment should provide long term benefits. That’s why we choose product partners that go the distance when it comes to supporting their products over time. Kantech is a great example of this commitment to protecting your investment. Their KT-200 access control panel that was introduced by Kantech in the late 1980s is still available and supported by the latest software releases. This has allowed clients to access the latest in Kantech’s web and smartphone services using systems they purchased 25 years ago, long before any of us had even heard of the internet.

We also believe the products we sell should be widely available through normal security distribution channels. This means that if for any reason we should fail to satisfy you in the long run you can always take your business to another security provider. This policy helps to keep us on our toes and protects your long term interests. You should always be wary of companies claiming to have exclusive rights to a product line. This only serves to protect their interests and leaves you vulnerable.

Select one of our product partners below to learn more about their products;

Axis logo for Products Overview 139x56Axis Communications – IP Cameras: Since launching the world’s first commercially available IP camera in 1996 Axis has been the industry leader, manufacturing the world’s broadest and most technically advanced range of high definition IP security cameras from their headquarters in Sweden.


Exacq logo for Products Overview 200x57Exacqvision – Video Management Software: Exacq produces software for viewing, recording and managing high definition IP cameras, ideal for any application from small retail outlets to large scale video  control rooms. The Exacq VMS platform now fully integrates with the Kantech software platform providing recording and real-time video switching driven by access control and alarm events.


Kantech logo for Products summary 150x61Kantech Systems – Integrated Access Control: Kantech’s  products including access control panels, card readers, visitor entry systems, integration modules and a suite of Windows based software, web services and apps, all designed and manufactured in Canada.


HID  Global – Card readers and advanced secure credentials. Every day millions of people in more than 100 countries use HID products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Over 2 billion things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through HID Global’s technology.


DSC logo for Products Overview 148x55DSC – Intrusion Alarm Systems: DSC’s produces alarm control panels, keypads and sensors,designed and manufactured in Canada since 1979 and sold to markets all over the world. DSC is Canada’s leading supplier of intrusion alarm products, now fully integrated with the Kantech software platform.


Aiphone logo for Products Overview 300x49Aiphone – Audio/Video Intercom Systems: For over 60 years Japanese manufacturer Aiphone has set the standard for intercom systems. From developing the first system to transmit audio and video on a 2 wire cable, to their recent advancements in IP communications, Aiphone continues to lead the way in technology and quality.