Beware the “Jack of all Trades”


Have you heard the expression “JACK OF ALL TRADES – MASTERS OF NONE”. It refers to someone who knows a little about everything, but is an expert in nothing. We’ve noticed a disturbing trend in recent years as the growth of the security industry has attracted a growing number of “Jacks”. Companies with little or no background in security hanging out a shingle and saying “ME TOO”. Electrical contractors installing card access systems, IT companies marketing video systems, and sound system installers selling intrusion alarms. Many of the people these companies will send to work on your system have little or no background in security and in many cases these individuals are not even licensed by the Solicitor General’s office to perform security work!

Sadly, we’ve had to help many clients replace systems installed by under-qualified companies who convinced clients that because they were successful in another field they were somehow qualified to install security systems. These systems don’t just fail because of flaws in the installation, they fail because of flaws in design. When you partner with Versatech systems you get design experience that comes from meeting the security needs of hundreds of diverse clients over decades.

We understand that our clients have diverse needs and it is not our goal to be all things to all people. We believe strongly in respecting the skill and experience of those who have spent a lifetime in their industries as we have in ours. We’ve built relationships with companies in related fields including locksmiths, hardware suppliers, IT experts, electrical contractors, and communications providers to bring you a team of dedicated professionals who can meet any security requirement.

Of course there is no more important partnership than the one we share with our clients. We are educated by listening to you and learning about your needs. We are strengthened by our drive to meet your demands. We value knowledge, honesty and true partnership as you do. We are deeply committed to service and we appreciate every opportunity you provide to us.

Don’t risk the safety and security of your property and people (or your limited security budget) buying a system from a “ME TOO” provider. Talk to our competitors, then talk to our team and you’ll see the difference that experience makes.