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Axis_authorized_partner logo 230x150Welcome to Versatech’s home page for Axis Communications products. Here we will provide an overview of Axis and the key elements of their product line. We will also create ongoing “posts” to update you on the latest product releases, software updates, field tests and case studies involving Axis products. To view all posts related to Axis click here. To visit the Axis Communications web site click here.

Since launching the world’s first commercially available IP camera in 1996 Axis has been the industry leader, manufacturing the world’s broadest and most technically advanced range of high definition IP security cameras from their headquarters in Sweden. Axis product line is vast and includes well over a hundred camera models in production at any given time along with a wide range of video encoders, software, audio and I/O modules, media converters and mounting accessories.

Below you will find an overview of our favourite cameras and accessories grouped by category and listed in approximate order from least to most expensive. Links are include to our posts highlighting each camera. For an overview of the entire Axis product line view the Axis Product Comparison Table here. PLEASE NOTE that the costs provided are approximate and fluctuate with currency exchange rates. The costs are for the cameras only and do not include other required items such as cabling, POE switches, SD cards and installation labour. We are happy to provide you with exact cost quotations for your specific application.

Axis_M1014_150x182The M10 camera series is Axis’ highly affordable entry level line. Each camera is roughly the size of a deck of cards and includes a stand that can be used for wall or tabletop mounting as well as a plug-in power supply for quick and easy installation. These high definition (720p) indoor cameras include some unique features such as wireless connectivity over standard wi-fi networks (M1004-W and M1034-W), SD card slot for on board video storage (M1014), and built-in speaker, microphone, light and motion sensor (M1034-W). Aproximate costs range from $200 to $330. Click here for further details on the M10 camera series.


Axis M2014-E low cost outdoor camera: Compact, affordable, and suitable for interior or exterior installations, the M2014-E has two unique features that set it apart. First off at approximately $400 it is Axis’ lowest cost outdoor camera. The second unique feature is the 2 part design, a slim “lipstick” style camera head connected by a 26′ cable to a module that contains the processor, connectors and SD card slot. This provides an added layer of security particularly if the camera is mounted outside and an on-board SD card is being used for video storage. If the camera is damaged or vandalized the recordings will still be safe within the concealed module. Click here for further details.

Axis M3005-V with hand 125x163Axis M3004-V / M3005-V : These low cost mini-dome cameras for indoor applications feature high quality fixed focal length lenses and an SD card slot for on board video storage. The M3004-V features a high definition 720p image sensor and comes at a very low cost of only $300. The M3005-V provides full 1080p high definition video streams and stunning image clarity for a camera costing only $400 making it one of our favourite cameras for general indoor use. Both cameras are packed into tiny vandal resistant housings, just 4″ wide and 2 “deep. Click here for further details.

Versatech Systems Axis M3007-PAxis M3007-P : This remarkable 5 megapixel camera from Axis provides over 15 times the resolution of a standard analog CCTV camera. When ceiling mounted in the center of a room the camera provides a 360 degree field of view making it ideal for small retail outlets with aisles which can be hard to cover using standard cameras. The M3007-P has the sophistication to send multiple video streams simultaneously so that you could be watching a 360 degree overview of the room, while also being zoomed in on particular areas of interest. All this plus digital pan-tilt-zoom, SD card storage, and a discreet housing disguised as a smoke detector for around $600. Click here for further details.

Versatech Systems Axis M3024-LVE outdoor dome cameraAxis M30-VE series cameras: The M30-VE series are Axis’ lowest cost outdoor dome cameras but they still come packed with great features including high quality fixed focal length lenses, attractive vandal-resistant mini dome housings, and SD card slots for on board video storage. The M3024-LVE features 720p resolution and built-in IR illumination at a cost of around $550. For the same price the M3025-VE features twice the resolution (1080p) but without the IR illumination, and finally at $650 the model M3026-VE provides an incredible 3 megapixels of resolution and can operate at light levels as low as 0.06 lux when in “night” mode. Click here for further details.

Axis P12 covert high definition camera in hand
Axis P12 series: The Axis P12 series is comprised of miniature high definition cameras designed for discreet or covert applications. Despite their small stature they have the same robust features as other Axis cameras including 720p HD resolution, an SD card slot for on-board video storage, POE power and video motion detection. This is made possible by placing all of the storage and communications in a separate housing  attached to the camera by a cable. The model P1204 comes in a discreet surface mounted housing, while the P1214  can be completely hidden behind a “pinhole” opening. The P1214-E is designed for semi-covert applications and can be located outdoors. Each of the camera models is available for approximately $500. Click here for further details.

Security Camera IP Surveillance Victoria BCAxis P33 series: The Axis P33 range of indoor and outdoor dome cameras provide stunning image clarity using the latest technical advances in security video technology. Foremost of these is Axis’ own Lightfinder technology which uses a high quality P-Iris lens, a state of the art image sensor with low light capability and advanced digital processing to provide stunning images. The P33 series can even provide colour images in very low light conditions (previously thought to be impossible for high definition security cameras) making them our premium go-to cameras for outdoor applications. The cameras also include remote zoom and focus control, SD cards for on board storage, 2 way audio capabilities, alarm inputs and outputs, POE power and a range of resolutions from 1 megapixel (720p) all the way up to 5 Megapixel models for coverage of large areas or other extreme high definition applications. Approximate costs range from $700 to $1300. Click here for further information on the P33 series from Axis.